Your next election or referendum

1. Neighbourhood referendums

A neighbourhood development plan, known as a Neighbourhood Plan, is written by local people and 'made' or adopted by the local council. This then becomes part of the development plan, which helps to decide planning applications.

It takes national planning policy and guidance into account and is 'in general conformity' with our adopted planning policy.

About Neighbourhood Plan referendums

You're entitled to vote in the referendum, if on the date of the referendum:

  • you're entitled to vote in an election of any Councillor of Stockport Council whose area is in the referendum area
  • your qualifying address for the election is in the referendum area, your qualifying address is you address listed in the register of electors

Current Neighbourhood Plan referendums:

Woodford Neighbourhood Plan referendum

The Woodford Neighbourhood Plan referendum will be held on Thursday 12 September 2019. You can vote at Woodford Community Centre.

The question which will be asked in the referendum is:

‘Do you want Stockport Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for the Woodford Area to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’

If the Plan receives a ‘Yes’ from more than 50% of those voting, the Neighbourhood Plan will be ‘made’ (or brought into effect) by Stockport Council as soon as possible. The Neighbourhood Plan will then form part of the statutory development plan for its area and we must consider it when making decisions on planning applications within the Neighbourhood Area.

Below shows the timetable of key dates:

  • Friday 2 August: publication of the information statement and specified documents
  • Wednesday 7 August: publication of Notice of Referendum
  • Tuesday 27 August: last day for registration
  • Wednesday 28 August, 5pm, receipt of postal vote applications
  • Wednesday 4 September: publication of Notice of Poll and Situation of Polling Stations
  • Wednesday 4 September, 5pm: receipt of Proxy Applications
  • Thursday 5 September: appointment of Poll and Counting Observers
  • Thursday 12 September, 5pm: receipt of emergency Proxy Vote Applications

Visit our webpages for more information about the Woodford Neighbourhood Plan, read our referendum information statement (PDF 312Kb) or contact our Planning Policy team on 0161 474 4395.