Workplace health and safety

2. Our enforcement approach

As an enforcement body we are acutely aware of our responsibilities both as a regulator and enforcement officers.

At the root of good enforcement are:

  • transparency
  • proportionality
  • fairness
  • professionalism

To demonstrate that we act consistently within these key points, we'll publish:

  • our service plan annually telling you what we plan to do
  • the results of our activities telling you what we achieved
  • our service standards telling businesses what they can expect from a visiting officer

Any enforcement decision taken by officers is carefully considered taking into account our Enforcement Policy (PDF 537Kb). This makes sure that decisions are proportional, consistent and fair.

If you disagree with a health and safety enforcement decision this can be referred to the Independent Regulatory Challenge Panel. This is a body independent of the council who can review the decisions made by us.

Our service standards cover: