Working from home

Working from home may mean your usual routine has been disrupted and you may be trying to get to grips with working remotely. Try to create a new routine and structure to make your new way of working easier to cope with. Make sure you have a start and end time, and a break for lunch.

You may find you're sitting still for much longer:

  • set reminders to regularly get up and move
  • try to build in some exercise
  • try other home based activities to help get you moving more
  • try to sit well to prevent back pain or musculoskeletal problems

Remember to eat healthily and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. Try not to get in the habit of snacking.

You may feel isolated from colleagues. Even the small conversations at work help to make you feel part of a community. Make sure you have the phone numbers of your colleagues and develop a routine to stay in touch with each other regularly. You could also try to use technology to talk to colleagues face to face.

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Working from home and home-schooling children

Work with your children to create a timetable for the day. Make sure they have a say in what it looks like. Accept that it will probably look nothing like their normal timetable but that's fine.

If there’s another adult in the house, agree together what times you'll each be responsible for looking after the children.

Have realistic expectations of what you can manage at home. It will probably take longer to get things done, so speak to your manager and agree between you what's reasonable and realistic.

Read through the work that school have sent home so that you understand what your child is expected to complete. Try not to worry if you cannot access some of the home learning websites. Just do what you can.

Try to agree to set times when you can work without being interrupted.