Winter support voucher

We’re continuing to support families by providing vouchers to help with the cost of energy, food, utilities and other essential living costs.

Vouchers will be sent automatically, you do not need to apply. Eligible families will receive a winter support voucher for £60 for each eligible child. This is for the winter period to 31 March 2023.

Vouchers will be issued from 21 November 2022.

Who will get a voucher

You'll receive a voucher if you have:

  • dependent children and receive local Council Tax support and/or Housing Benefit, paid by Stockport Council
  • school aged children who receive income-based free school meals or those in Early Years with equivalent eligibility

Only families with children who were registered to receive income-assessed free school meals, local Council Tax support and/or Housing Benefit on or before 7 November 2022 will receive a voucher.

How the voucher will be sent

Families with more than one child may receive both email and letter vouchers. You may receive separate letter vouchers for each eligible child.

Email vouchers

We'll issue a voucher via email using Post Office Payout® if we hold a valid email address for you and you have children who:

  • receive income-based free school meals
  • are in an Early Years setting with equivalent eligibility

The email you receive will be from Stockport Council and will be sent from with the subject line External: Post Office Payout® Household Support Grant. The email will include a PDF attachment that contains a barcode which you can use to redeem your voucher.

To find the email, you should check your spam and junk folders as well as your usual inbox.

The last date you can redeem your email voucher is Friday 23 December 2022.

Expired vouchers cannot be re-issued.

If we do not have your email address, we'll send a letter to you in the post.

Letter vouchers

You'll receive a letter voucher in the post if:

  • you receive local Council Tax Support and/or Housing Benefit
  • we do not have your email address and you receive income-based free school meals or have equivalent eligibility

The letter will have a voucher barcode at the bottom.

The last date you can redeem your letter voucher is Sunday 18 December 2022. Please note that most Post Offices will be closed on this date.

Expired vouchers cannot be re-issued.

How you can redeem the voucher

Take your letter voucher or email attachment to any Post Office in Stockport.

If you’ve got an email voucher, you can either:

  • show the voucher to the cashier on your mobile device
  • print the voucher and show it to the cashier

Please open the email voucher attachment before presenting to the cashier.

The cashier will provide the appropriate amount of cash. No identification (ID) is required to do this.

A list of Post Office branches can be found on the Post Office website. You should check the opening hours before you visit a Post Office branch.

What you can use the voucher for

You can use the voucher for:

  • energy bills
  • food
  • other utilities such as water
  • other household essentials including hygiene products, warm clothing and household equipment

If you have not received your voucher

If you have not received your voucher, you should check your junk folder or any other email accounts that you have before contacting us.

If you have not received your winter support voucher or you need help to redeem your voucher, you can use our form to contact us.

Contact us

If you need more support

You can visit our cost of living support webpages to get help with food, fuel and money.