Wi-Fi, computers and getting online

1. Overview

You can go to any Stockport Library to use:

  • free wifi on your own device
  • a computer for free
  • a scanner - there is one in every library

All Stockport libraries have free Wi-Fi and access to computers free of charge. To access the Wi-Fi just select hotspot and register the first time you use it.

If you are a member of Stockport Libraries, you can book a computer online, which allows you to select the library you want to use, and book a PC at a specific time.

Our computers have office and image manipulation software installed, allowing word processing, spreadsheets and other options. Additionally each computer has CD-writing facilities.

Each library has a computer specifically designed for those with mobility problems or visual impairments. Some libraries may have other specialist facilities, which will be marked on the booking pages.

If you are not a member please call in at your local library or join a library online.

Please note: all computers automatically shut down fifteen minutes before the library closes.