What your Council Tax pays for

7. Other contributions

Each year your council tax bill tells you what you pay for your local council's services. It also tells you what you contribute to other Greater Manchester wide public services such as the police and fire and rescue service. These are called 'precepts' and always appear on your bill. This year, the responsibility for setting these precepts sits with our new Mayor, so they will look slightly different to how they have in previous years.

On your bill there will be two sections which refer to mayoral precepts. One is for the policing precept, which used to be the responsibility of the Police and Crime Commissioner. Their name used to appear on your bill. On your bill, this will be called the 'Mayoral Police and Crime Commissioner Precept'.

The other section is called the 'Mayoral General Precept (including service)'. However, the majority of this comprises the costs of the fire service with a small amount (£6.22 for the year for a Band B property, which is the Greater Manchester average) going to pay for the new mayoral functions.

Funding for the fire service used to be the responsibility for the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, which is how this precept has appeared on your bill in previous years.

You can find out more information about the precepts on the Greater Manchester Combined Authority website.

View the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority's Precepts and Levies 2018-19 (PDF 3.65Mb)