What you can put in your bins

4. Green bin and food waste caddies

Compostable vs biodegradable

Use compostable food waste liners in your food caddy. Do not use biodegradable plastic bags from supermarkets as they breakdown into little bits of plastic and are not compostable.

Recycling your garden or food waste is just as important as recycling your paper, card and glass. You can put any garden or food waste straight into your green bin. If you do not have a green bin use your outside food waste caddy.

Things that can go in:

  • fruit or vegetable peelings
  • bread and cakes
  • tea bags and coffee grounds
  • scrapings from your plate
  • eggs and dairy products for example cheese
  • meat including bones
  • fish
  • cut flowers
  • garden waste
  • twigs and sticks that aren't thicker than your wrist

Things that cannot go in:

  • branches larger than 10cm or 4 inches in diameter or thicker than your wrist
  • soil

Soil is not accepted at the composting plant where the garden and food waste is treated. If you have soil to get rid of, take it to your nearest tip or recycling centre.

Compostable food waste liners

You can buy them directly from the supplier online.

Most supermarkets now stock compostable liners. Look out for the EN13432 composting association logo to make sure the liners are suitable to be used in your food waste caddy.

Annual delivery of food waste liners 2024

Collection day By the end of
Monday Mid-May 2024
Tuesday June 2024
Wednesday July 2024
Thursday Mid-September 2024
Friday October 2024

If your property has been missed, we'll only deliver compostable liners up to 6 weeks after the delivery for your area has been completed.

If you have something to throw away that's not on this list, visit Recycle for Greater Manchester for more information.