What is the Stockport Local Plan?

1. Overview

Stockport Plan

"Over the next two years we are committed to have an open and transparent discussion with Stockport residents and businesses regarding what land is needed to accommodate the homes, jobs, new infrastructure and local facilities we need from now until 2035.”

The Stockport Local Plan plays an important part in the future growth of Stockport. It helps to set planning policies and allocates sites for development. The Local Plan is part of the Statutory Development Plan for Stockport. It will form the basis for making decisions on planning applications.

These pages contain information on the New Local Plan which is currently under development. You can also find out how you can get involved in helping shape the plan which will guide development in the borough up to 2035.

The Stockport Local Plan will cover a range of development needs for the borough including:

The four categories will contain multiple pieces of evidence and policies that will help to form the Stockport Local Plan. As they're developing they will be added to the get involved page for you to have your say.

The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 requires councils to prepare and maintain a Local Development Scheme (LDS) (PDF 275Kb). The main purpose of the LDS is to inform the public of the programme for the preparation of the Local Plan. Including specifying the documents which, when prepared, will comprise the Local Plan for the area. Where circumstances dictate that significant changes will occur to the published timings local authorities should update their LDS to reflect those changes.

The most recent version of Stockport’s LDS was published in July 2017. It reflected both the position in relation to the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) and also the known Local Plan timetables. The timings for the next stage of the GMSF have changed and so the LDS will need to be updated to reflect that. It is expected that more detail about the future GMSF timetable will be known in late 2017. At that stage, we will be able to usefully update the LDS for Stockport.

Until the new Local Plan is adopted all planning applications will be decided on using the current policies. They're available to view on the current planning policies pages.