Welfare rights service

What to do if you've received a benefit decision you do not agree with

If you've received a decision about your DWP benefits that you disagree with, you can request a mandatory reconsideration on GOV.UK.

You usually have to do this within 28 days of the date on your decision letter.

You can request a mandatory reconsideration:

If you need help completing the form above, you can contact Citizens Advice. Details of their helpline and in-person drop-in sessions are on the Citizens Advice website.

Council Tax Support

If you disagree with a decision about Council Tax Support, you must contact us within one month.

You can:

Housing Benefit

If you disagree with a decision about Housing Benefit, you must contact us within one month.

You can:

Universal Credit

For a disagreement about Universal Credit, you can write a message in your journal. You can do this by signing into your account on GOV.UK.

What to do if the benefit decision is still not changed

If your mandatory reconsideration does not result in a changed decision, you can lodge an appeal within one month.

You can lodge your appeal online on GOV.UK.

You can get help lodging an appeal online if you:

  • do not feel confident using the internet
  • do not have access to a computer or smartphone

To speak with someone about appealing online, you can:

  • call the Digital Support helpline on 03300 160051
    • the line is Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
    • the line is closed on bank holidays
  • Text FORM to 60777 and someone will call you back

If you would like us to represent you at your appeal, you should include the details below when you are asked for details of your representative.

Welfare Rights Team
Stockport Council
4th Floor, Stopford House

Request a welfare rights appointment

You can request an appointment with us. We'll help you through the appeals process including:

  • advice on how to lodge an appeal
  • reviewing your case
  • helping you to gather evidence
  • representing you at your appeal

We can advise you if your case has already been heard by tribunal and you're unhappy with the outcome.

Request a welfare rights appointment