Weeds are controlled in Stockport for the following reasons:

  • appearance – weeds detract from the overall appearance of an area and collect litter
  • safety – weed growth can interfere with visibility for road users and obscure traffic signs. Weeds in road channels and gullies can prevent or slow down drainage. Their growth in footways may cause uneven slabs and broken tarmac
  • physical structure – weed growth can destroy paving surfaces, force apart kerbs and crack walls, so increasing maintenance costs

All adopted routes, including kerbs, gullies and footways are treated twice a year during the spring and summer months. There are also additional targeted sprays during the back end of the summer period.

The sprays are timed to coincide with the weed growth for maximum control. Weeds can take approximately two weeks for the herbicide treatment to be fully effective and the weed to die off.

We use a clean label contact spray, which can be used in public areas, to treat adopted roads and pavements across the borough.