Walking and Cycling Forum meetings

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, meetings of the Walking and Cycling Forum are being held online. For details about the next meeting, email walkcycle@stockport.gov.uk.

Walking and Cycling Forum

The Walking and Cycling Forum was launched in September 2019 and builds on the success of the borough's cycle user group that last met in April 2019.

The group meets every 3 months at 6pm in the Stockport Civic Centre and is open to everyone with an interest in cycling and walking.

If you'd like to attend come to Stockport Town Hall reception on the day of the meeting. If you know you're going to be late please email walkcycle@stockport.gov.uk to let us know.

Our meetings have a wide ranging agenda from transport policy to rights of way.

Previous meetings

Date Venue Agenda Meeting material
30 September 2019 Fred Perry Conference Room Agenda for 30 September 2019 (PDF 36Kb) Draft minutes from 30 September 2019 (PDF 88Kb)
14 November 2019 Fred Perry Conference Room Agenda for 14 November 2019 (PDF 49Kb) Draft minutes from 14 November 2019 (PDF 276Kb)
30 January 2020 Fred Perry Conference Room Agenda for 30 January 2020 (PDF 78Kb) Draft minutes from 30 January 2020 (PDF 590Kb)
26 October 2020 Online via Microsoft Teams Agenda for 26 October 2020 (PDF 410Kb)