Visit the Underbanks

1. About the Underbanks

The Underbanks is the area around the following roads in the centre of Stockport:

  • Great Underbank
  • Little Underbank
  • Rostron Brow
  • Lower Hillgate

The area is part of Stockport's historic old town. It sits next to the Market Place and boasts a range of retail, art and hospitality businesses.

To see what's happening at the Underbanks, you can:

Because of its historic architecture and rich history, the Underbanks is a designated conservation area.

Since 2017, we’ve been working in partnership with the National Lottery Heritage Fund to restore the area through the ‘Rediscovering the Underbanks’ project.

Jenna Campbell

Jenna Campbell

Manchester Evening News

The Underbanks has become known as Stockport's coolest district. Its eclectic mix of independent boutiques, bakeries and bars... are connected by a strong sense of community.