Virtual house: a tour of assistive technologies and adaptations

1. Explore the house

If you're looking for products to support your independence at home, such as safety, mobility or communications devices, look no further.

The following tool offers a virtual tour of a house that's bursting with assistive equipment and household aids.

Working much like Google Street View on Google Maps, you can walk through a home full of useful household aids and adaptations, inspecting items as you go.

When shopping for household aids, it can be difficult to:

  • know what's available
  • imagine what it might look like at home
  • prioritise items according to your circumstances and budget

This tool shows dozens of pieces of equipment in their natural environment, along with:

  • product descriptions
  • price ranges
  • details of retailers you can buy them from

For example:

  • safety equipment in a kitchen
  • mobility aids installed in a bathroom
  • smart sensors and communication devices in different areas of a home