Vehicle standards for new licensees

We’ll only accept vehicle applications from new licensees if your vehicle meets the necessary standards.

If you already hold a licence with us, these standards do not apply to you and you should refer to the set of conditions which were issued along with your licence.

Vehicle age and testing

Your vehicle must be:

  • under 10 years old for saloon vehicles and non-wheelchair accessible vehicles. Your vehicle will not be relicensed after it becomes 10 years old
  • under 15 years old for wheelchair accessible vehicles. Your vehicle will not be relicensed after it becomes 15 years old

All vehicles under 3 years old will need a vehicle test on application and on every point of renewal.

All vehicles over 3 years old will need testing every 6 months.

Emissions minimum standards

Vehicles with a petrol engine must meet the ‘Euro 4’ standard.

Vehicles with a diesel engine must meet the ‘Euro 6’ standard.

General standards

Your vehicle must meet the EU category M1 standard. Any modified vehicle at category M1 standard must have an appropriate test to make sure it conforms with single vehicle type approval.

Your vehicle must not have:

  • any roof signs if it's a private hire vehicle
  • any advertising other than the operator name and signage issued by us
  • any magnetic stickers

We may approve some adverts on hackney carriages only.


Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) conversions are permitted. No other retrofitting of engines in older vehicles is permitted.

Any retrofit emissions technology which is installed must be approved as part of the Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS).

Window tints

Window tints must meet the following specifications:

• front windscreens must have a minimum of 75% light transmission
• front side door glass must have a minimum of 70% light transmission

For all remaining glass, excluding rear windows, we’ll allow the manufacturer’s tint to a minimum of 20% light transmission.

Accepted categories

We’ll accept Category N vehicles (formerly known as Category D) if you provide a report from an engineer.

We will not accept Category S vehicles (formerly known as Category C).

Vehicle conditions

Your vehicle must meet the following conditions:

hackney vehicle conditions
private hire vehicle conditions

If you’re not sure whether your new vehicle meets these standards, before booking your vehicle test, email us at with the vehicle details.