Vehicle insurance categories

The only vehicle insurance category that we will accept for a licensed vehicle is:

Category N (formerly Category D)

  • vehicles should have no sustained structural damage. The issue may be cosmetic, or a problem with the electrics that isn’t economical to repair
  • do not assume such vehicles are drivable. Non-structural faults may include brakes, steering or other safety related parts
  • vehicles need a written vehicle inspection report completed by an engineer qualified to assess the damage. It must confirm the vehicle's roadworthiness to our satisfaction

We cannot accept any vehicle that has a vehicle insurance category of:

Category A (unchanged)

  • scrap only
  • vehicle so badly damaged it should be crushed and never be on the road
  • salvageable parts must be destroyed

Category B (unchanged)

  • body shell should be crushed
  • extensive damage, although some parts are salvageable
  • should never be on the road
  • reclaimed parts can be used in other vehicles for use on roads

Category S (formerly Category C)

  • structural damage including a bent or twisted chassis, or a crumple zone that has collapsed in a crash
  • damage is more than just cosmetic
  • vehicle needs to be professionally repaired. It isn't safe to drive until repairs have been made