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Dropped kerbs

2. Prices

Applications to have a vehicle dropped crossing over the footway are investigated and priced individually.

The prices listed below are therefore not a standard charge but can be taken as a general guide for a crossing constructed with a bituminous macadam surfacing. If it should be necessary to divert statutory undertaker's plant, equipment or services at the site, make repairs to adjacent footways or carriageway to enable installation of the crossing, to ensure correct levels or to relocate street furniture the cost will be recharged in full.

The listed charges for new vehicle crossings may be reduced by 10% if the full account is settled in advance of work commencing. There is no discount for vehicle crossing extensions to existing crossings.


Details Charges 2016/17
Up to 1.0 metre wide £583.44
Over 1.0 metre to 1.5 metres wide £622.20
Over 1.5 metres to 2.0 metres wide £714.00
Over 2.0 metres to 2.5 metres wide £751.74
Over 2.5 metres to 3.0 metres wide £894.54
Over 3.0 metres (for each additional 1 metre width) £300.90
Vehicle dropped crossings constructed as part of a reconstruction scheme £350.00
Applications to extend existing crossings are investigated and priced individually.