Dropped kerbs

1. Overview

Permission is required from us for a dropped kerb or vehicle crossing access.

This is to ensure that it will be located in a safe location, it will be safe to use and it will be constructed in a safe manner, using suitable materials. Further details can be found in the dropped crossing policy (PDF 224.33Kb).

The initial application fee is £170. This covers our administration costs as well as a site visit with one of our Transportation Officers before the crossing is installed. The cost is non-refundable.

Please note we do not normally permit vehicle dropped crossings where:

  • the depth of the driveway is less than 4.8m per vehicle i.e. the entire length of the vehicle must be on the drive and not overhang onto the footway
  • the width of the driveway is less than 2.4m at any point i.e. to ensure the vehicle can completely park on the drive and not overhang onto the footway
  • the kerb length must not exceed 5.4m (excluding the transition kerbs- a transition kerb is shaped in order to link the standard height kerb to the dropped kerb)
  • the gradient of the drive must not exceed 10%

You can read our guidance and self assessment (PDF 514.90Kb) for more information about applying for a dropped crossing.

Planning permission

Planning permission is not always required, however, planning permission is required if:

  • the access is to be constructed on a classified road. Find out if your road is classified by viewing our list of classified highways in Stockport (PDF 96kb)
  • the access is for a commercial (non-domestic building) or apartment building
  • the property is in a Conservation Area – please see the conservation area maps page
  • the property is listed – please see the listed buildings page
  • the drive is greater than 5m square in area and is a non-permeable construction

If planning permission is required, this should be obtained before making an application for a vehicle dropped crossing. Further details on whether planning permission is required can be obtained from the check if you need planning permission page.