Validation checklists

These checklists are provided to help you identify whether you’ve got all the information required for your proposal.

They also help to reduce delay in determining the outcome of a planning application.

Main validation checklist

The latest version of the Validation Checklist was adopted by us on the 5 September 2013. This was following an 8 week public consultation period involving 100 applicants and agents. In response to this period, the Validation Checklist Representations (PDF 40kb) was received.

The Government has provided guidance on validation checklists. It details the national information requirements that became mandatory and applied to all planning applications from 8 April 2008.

Stockport’s local information requirements

The Government has encouraged local planning authorities to draft their own Local Information Requirements. They're also encouraged to consult interested parties on the contents before adopting them.

The Local Information requirements were drafted and consultation completed in March 2008. Account was taken of the comments received and the final document was adopted by the council in April 2008.

Pre-application advice and guidance