Tree preservation

4. Check if there is an existing Tree Preservation Order

Use our map to check if there is an existing Tree Preservation Order near you.

  1. Use the address search to enter a postcode.
  2. Select the address and click on the magnifying glass to move the map to that location.
  3. Zoom in and out and move around the map manually, or, if you're viewing the map on a mobile device, find your current location by clicking "show me where I am".
  • active Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) are shown in green
  • proposed TPOs are yellow
  • revoked TPOs are dark grey
  1. Select the TPO you're interested in to find out more information and add or remove map layers. You can change the base map type by using the controls at the top right.

Conservation areas are shown in pink and planning applications relating to tree work can be added to the map using the layer control button.

You can view the submitted applications for the tree(s) through our planning applications pages.