Travelling families

The Traveller Education Service (TES), provides additional support for Traveller & mobile children in the education system.

Client groups include:

  • English, Welsh and Scottish Romany Gypsies
  • Travellers of Irish Heritage
  • European Roma
  • Occupational Travellers
  • New Travellers
  • Mobile children without school places

The aims of the service include:

  • fully integrating Traveller’s children into mainstream education
  • monitoring the attendance and attainment of Traveller pupils
  • ensuring that Traveller children receive their full entitlement to education
  • promoting knowledge and understanding of Traveller communities in all schools
  • helping to promote Stockport’s commitment to equality of opportunity


  • to provide high quality educational support for those unable to attend schools or whose circumstances make it difficult to do so
  • to support attendance, integration or reintegration into school or learning opportunity
  • to provide additional educational support to enable vulnerable children to achieve their potential


  • we provide advice on admissions and induction
  • we work in partnership with schools to develop appropriate strategies for the inclusion of Traveller children
  • we monitor and assess the achievement of Traveller pupils and work with schools to set targets
  • we monitor attendance of travelling pupils
  • we advise on and develop curriculum resources related to cultural diversity and offer in-service training
  • we can work alongside staff in schools to provide specialist support for an agreed period of time
  • we facilitate transfer of records and advise on distance learning materials
  • we link with other agencies/departments to ensure education/welfare issues are met
  • we encourage home/school liaison to promote a better understanding of needs and opportunities and to encourage regular patterns of attendance at school