Travelling during winter weather

1. Overview

As a road user (motorist or pedestrian), you have a responsibility to yourself, your passengers and other road users. Here are some suggestions to assist you in having a safe journey:

  • is your journey really necessary? If it is, plan it and give yourself plenty of time.
  • tell someone your intended route and how long you think it's going to take - if you are driving do not forget to factor in a break every 2 or 3 hours
  • listen to the radio for details about road and weather conditions
  • pedestrians should, wear warm clothing and appropriate footwear
  • drivers should consider using alternative transport means - visit the Transport for Greater Manchester website for more information
  • cold weather and dark nights can make travelling difficult. The Transport for Greater Manchester website has also put together some top tips to keep you moving safely during the winter months

When snow or icy roads are forecast you should adjust your driving to suit the conditions.

Beware – Black ice isn't always visible so can be a greater hazard for both motorists and pedestrians. Black ice is formed when light rain or drizzle falls onto a freezing road surface.