Travelling to school

3. If your application for free school travel is refused

If your application for free school travel has been refused, we understand that you may have some questions regarding the decision. You can request that your application is reviewed by a senior officer in our school places, admissions and transport team. Reviews will consider:

  • the route used
  • the nature of the route
  • remeasurement and confirmation of any distances
  • personal circumstances
  • faith, where appropriate

To request a review of your application, email [](mailto: You should state clearly anything you’d like to be considered when your application is reviewed. If your circumstances have changed since your initial application, for example you’ve changed your address or you’re now in receipt of low income benefits, you should provide evidence of this.

You’ll receive the outcome of your review by email within 20 working days of the date when you requested the review.

If the outcome of the review is that your application should still be refused, you’ll be given the right to appeal the decision to an independent appeal panel. You can find more information about the appeals process on our school transport appeals page.

You cannot appeal until your application has been reviewed.