Town Centre Access Plan

3. Work undertaken

TCAP's ambitious work has improved access for all whether travelling by foot, public transport, cycling or as a motorist.

Some of the work completed includes:

  • widening of key highways to the east of the town centre along St Mary's Way and Hempshaw Lane. This reduced congestion by allowing more traffic to use the route easily. Also, junction improvements at Hall Street, Turncroft Lane, Banks Lane and Offerton Lane
  • road improvements to the west of the town centre, such as the M60 Junction 1 (Hollywood Way), along King Street West, Booth Street and Greek Street
  • the creation of a link road between the A6 and Travis Brow, giving motorists a new direct link from the A6 to junction 1 of the M60
  • creation of new public squares and walking routes in the town centre
  • access improvements at Stockport rail and bus stations and at development sites including:
  • Stockport Exchange
  • Redrock
  • Aurora Stockport
  • public realm improvements across the town centre, including in support of the Rediscovering the Underbanks project to transform our historic high street
  • creation of new and improved pedestrian and cycle routes
  • an improved bridleway route between Vernon Road, at Bredbury Hall and Daisyfield Recreation Ground, and Stockport Road West at Pear Mill Industrial Estate. Also via a new pedestrian and cycle bridge over the river to Woodbank Memorial Park and Little Moor

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