The application process

1. What the money can be used for

If you're applying for funding your idea must meet our requirements and priorities.

Our requirements

In order to apply for the fund, your idea must:

  • benefit people in Stockport
  • improve the wellbeing of people and/or the environment
  • be delivered within 12 months from you receiving the funding
  • not be used to promote a political or religious purpose
  • not be run by a private company

Our priorities

You'll also need to show that your idea will do at least one of the following:

Enhance social and well-being support for children and/or adults who are:

  • experiencing social isolation and loneliness
  • living with long-term physical needs, special educational needs and/or mental health conditions
  • living on a low income

Support communities to come together, collaborate and build a more cohesive borough by:

  • connecting or supporting people of all ages
  • building relationships between community groups
  • ensuring people with special educational needs (SEN) or learning disabilities can access activities within their local area

Tackle the big issues facing our borough by:

  • maximising the role of digital to support our communities so no one is left behind
  • taking action on climate change

If you're applying to grow an existing idea you'll also have to show how it will save public services money, for example by reducing the need for health or social care services.

Anyone can apply for the One Stockport Local Fund. You do not have to be a constituted group or organisation to receive funding. We encourage applications from people or groups that have come together to collaborate on an idea.

How much funding you can apply for

You can apply for an amount between £1,001 and £30,000 for your idea. If you're applying for more than £10,000 there will be a second stage to your application.

If you're applying for less than £1000 you can apply on the Sector3 website.