The annual canvass

1. The 2023 canvass

The annual canvass makes sure that we can keep the electoral register up to date. It helps us identify any residents who are not registered to vote so that they can be encouraged to register.

From the beginning of July, we'll be sending out canvass forms across the borough, either by email or post. The canvass forms detail who is currently registered to vote in each household.

You'll only have to respond if:

  • you're told to do so
  • you need to make any changes or additions to the information provided

You must read your letter to check whether you need to respond or not. If you need to make any changes then you must let us know. You could be fined £1000 if you do not tell us about any changes.

The canvass has to be carried out by law. By telling us about any changes as soon as possible, the process will run smoothly and there'll be no need for personal contact from a canvasser.