Temporary changes to school admissions appeals

2. Appealing for a school place

If you've not yet submitted an appeal for any school that your child has been refused admission to and wish to do so, the following deadlines apply:

  • Primary Schools: 16 May 2021
  • Secondary Schools: 29 March 2021

This includes any late applications for primary, secondary and in year transfer appeals.

Late appeal applications will be received up to 27 June 2021. Any appeal application submitted after this date will not be allocated a hearing date until September 2021.

If you've already submitted an appeal form and you wish to provide additional information relevant to your appeal, you'll be entitled to do so up to 2 days before the hearing. You can email the information to admission.appeals@stockport.gov.uk.

You'll be contacted as soon as is reasonably practical and you'll be provided with a minimum of 14 calendar days’ notice of your hearing date.