Tell us about a change

2. Change of circumstances

We need to know about changes in your circumstances. This will help us to ensure that you're paying the right amount of Council Tax for the property that you live in.

Failure to do so may result in a penalty of £50.

Please use our online form to tell us about any changes in your circumstances for example if you wish to tell us that:

  • someone in your household has died
  • someone has come to live with you in your home (including family or friends). This may affect a discount that you are currently receiving on your Council Tax bill
  • someone has moved out of your home. You can reduce the amount of Council Tax you have to pay by 25% if you live are alone and are over 18. See our Single Persons Discount section
  • you have recently changed your name and you would like us to update your account
  • you would like to request a refund. This is where we’ve issued a bill which shows a credit balance but we’re unable to issue the refund. This is because we don’t have the bank details of the person for whom the refund is due. Or there is some uncertainty about who we should be issuing the refund to
  • you have an an annexe that is attached to your property which was occupied by a relative/family member and has now become unoccupied
  • you have changed your bank details from which you make your direct debit payments and you would like us to update your account
  • you would like to make an offer to repay your Council Tax at an amount that is different to that quoted on your current bill

Under normal circumstances our standard aim is to respond fully within 10 working days.

Tell us about a change in your circumstances