Telecare: monitoring and alerts

Telecare is provided by Carecall, which is part of Stockport Homes Group. Carecall has supported our residents for nearly 40 years, offering independence and in-home support to people living across the borough.

Carecall's range of equipment can help you live independently and safely at home and make sure you get help quickly if you need it. Their dedicated team is available 24/7 to provide assistance when someone falls in the home without injury. There are 2 types of assistance available:

  • monitors: to make sure you’re safe
  • alerts: to tell someone if you’ve had a fall

How Carecall works

You can choose from a number of monitoring or falls response services. The equipment to run these services is linked to a landline in your home. All equipment has been tested and will continue to work after the upcoming digital telephone switchover.

Monitoring equipment

This equipment sends an alert to Carecall’s Stockport-based control room when an alarm is activated. A member of the Carecall team will respond to every activation and speak with you to check that you’re safe. If they're unable to speak with you, they will organise an appropriate response. You will not be left alone.

If needed, the mobile response staff will visit you at home. If you’ve fallen at home and are not injured, they will assist you using specialist lifting equipment. The team will always check that you’re safe and well before leaving.

Standalone equipment

Standalone equipment is designed to support your carer, or family member, if they're looking after you in the same house. The equipment is fitted around the house and can include:

  • pressure mats
  • bed sensors
  • door sensors

This type of equipment does not alert the monitoring control centre. It can be useful if you've been diagnosed with dementia and are being cared for at home.


Telecare is available to anyone living in Stockport who feels they would benefit from 24/7 support. This includes people who:

  • live with a long or short-term health condition
  • live alone and are at risk of falling
  • live with a disability or mobility restrictions
  • are concerned about their safety and security

You do not need to complete any forms or meet any eligibility criteria.

If you'd like to talk to Carecall about your needs or those of someone you care for, call them on 0161 218 1655.


Monitoring and falls response service

The monitoring and falls response service, which uses a landline, costs from £8.45 per week.

Everything you need to stay safe at home is included in your package, including a police-approved key safe.

If you need an additional pendant for another person in the same household, this can be added on for an extra £1.50 per week.

Monitoring service only

If you do not require the emergency falls response service, you can pay for the monitoring service only.

The monitoring service, which uses a landline, costs from £5.75 per week. It’s free for the first 6 weeks for new customers. Installation is also free.

A key safe is not included in this option, but Carecall can supply and fit a key safe for £75. Alternatively, you can buy and fit the key safe yourself.

Additional equipment or technology

If your needs change over time or you need additional equipment or technology to stay safe at home, this will be included at no additional cost. For example:

  • a falls detector sensor
  • bed and chair sensors
  • an epilepsy sensor
  • a smoke detector
  • a door sensor
  • a GPS tracker

You'll be assessed when the initial installation is done and the appropriate equipment for your individual needs will be provided. When required, this will be updated by Carecall or the adult social care team.


Your Carecall service is paid monthly to Stockport Homes Ltd.

Stockport Homes offer a completely free and confidential money advice review to all new Carecall customers. They can check if you're eligible for any additional income which can help pay the costs of your care and support at home. For example:

  • Attendance Allowance
  • Pension Credit
  • Council Tax Allowance

If you'd like a money advice review, please let Carecall know when you book your installation appointment.

Setting up Telecare

Installation and set-up of Telecare equipment is usually done very quickly, especially if it's an emergency. For example, if you're leaving hospital and you need the system in place for when you get home.

Carecall aims to install equipment within 7 days of an initial request. If it's urgent, they aim to install the equipment within one day.

Contact Carecall

To get in touch with Carecall, you can:

For more information, visit the Carecall website.

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