Taxi vehicle testing

It's your responsibility to book the vehicle test and to ensure that your vehicle has a valid Certificate of Compliance or test certificate issued by our approved Test Centre.

Before you book a vehicle test you'll need to read:

When vehicles are tested

New vehicles

  • must have been approved by taxi licensing as a suitable vehicle
  • must undergo an initial vehicle test for a licence to be issued. If your vehicle passes the test, licence plates will be issued for 12 months from the date of the vehicle test. The test must have been carried out within 4 weeks of the application date

Renewal vehicles

All hackney carriage and private hire vehicles licensed by us must undergo a vehicle test every 6 months at our approved Test Centre in Bredbury.

It's your responsibility to ensure your vehicle has a vehicle test up to 4 weeks in advance of the:

  • 6 month test due date
  • 12 month renewal test due date

You will not receive a reminder in relation to your vehicle test dates. Make sure that you know when your 6 month test dates (PDF 189Kb) are due and when your licence expires.

Failure to make sure that your vehicle has passed the test by the required due date will result in the suspension or expiry of your vehicle licence. You are committing a criminal offence if you use an unlicensed car for licensed work or drive it without a valid Certificate of Compliance or test certificate.

At the test

Your vehicle will be turned away from the Test Centre if:

  • it's booked in for the wrong test type
  • a different person to the one named on the booking presents a vehicle for test
  • the vehicle test is booked outside of the appropriate timeframes. For example; you cannot book a vehicle test more than 4 weeks before the test due date
  • a different vehicle to the one that was booked in is presented for test

After the test

If your vehicle passes the test, you'll receive:

  • a test certificate
  • a Certificate of Compliance

Your plates will be issued for 12 months from the date of the vehicle test, not the date of the vehicle application.

Test fees

  • DVSA MOT plus taxi compliance test - £65.82
  • Full 12 and 6 month test - £54.85
  • Full 12 and 6 month retest - £54.85
  • Partial retest - £27.43
  • Free retest – no charge

Book the vehicle test

Call Go Plant on 0161 519 1237 from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

You can book and pay for any necessary retest at the test centre at the time of the initial test.

If you've any queries or need more information about vehicle test bookings, email or call 0161 519 1237.