Taxi ranks

Each rank is for the number of hackney carriages specified.

Chestergate, Stockport
South side from its junction with Mersey Square.
Space for 23 taxis.

Princes Street, Stockport
North west side, near Brown Street
Space for 3 taxis.

St Petersgate, Stockport
North side of St Petersgate
Between 6:30pm and midnight
Space for 2 taxis.

Tiviot Dale, Stockport
East side from its junction with Bridge Street and Percy Street
Space for 5 taxis.

Castle Street, Edgeley
North side near York Street
Space for 2 taxis.

Grand Central Way, Stockport
On the westerly side from a point 73 metres from its junction with Railway Road
Space for 4 taxis.

Grand Central Way, Stockport
Storage rank on the easterly side near the junction with Railway Road
Between 9am to 5:30pm
Space for 4 taxis

Railway Road, Stockport
North side near its junction with Grand Central Way
Between 11:30pm and 3:30am
Space for 9 taxis.