If you plan to operate a private hire or executive taxi service in Stockport, you'll need to contact us by emailing taxi.licensing@stockport.gov.uk

Operator's licences are issued for one year and allow an operator to invite or accept bookings for a private or executive hire vehicle.

Read the Private Hire Operators conditions (PDF 118Kb)

Private hire taxi operators

To apply for an operators licence, you'll need:

Business Plan

If you're a new applicant or you're renewing your licence, you must give details of your proposed/current operation. This specifically includes:

  • your operating model
  • your method of taking bookings
  • how and where you'll accept bookings
  • how you'll record bookings
  • your operating times
  • the geographical areas in which you intend to provide vehicles
  • any other information you consider relevant to your application

Other documents

Executive hire taxi operators

If you're applying for a licence to operate executive vehicles with the plate exemption under section 75(3) of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976, you'll need:

  • all the above documents
  • to specify how your operation differs from a regular private hire operator in order to satisfy the exemption

For more information email taxi.licensing@stockport.gov.uk

If you do not provide enough information for your private or executive hire operators application, there may be a delay in issuing your licence.

List of current taxi hire operators in Stockport

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