Sustainable development

1. About sustainable development

Sustainable development is development which meets current population needs without compromising the needs of future citizens.

To achieve a sustainable Stockport, we need a:

  • healthy population that can access a good standard of living, with education, health, food services and leisure
  • choice of retail needs that are readily available
  • strong, local low carbon economy

All of these approaches work towards the:

  • the enhancement of our local environment
  • the maintenance of a green and leafy borough rich in varied wildlife
  • delivery of a green urban environment

This in turn allows us to market Stockport as a desirable and healthy place to live and work. The UK sustainable development strategy outlines the following 4 shared priority actions for taking sustainable development forward:

  • sustainable consumption and production
  • climate change and energy
  • natural resource protection and environmental enhancement
  • sustainable communities

We provide guidance on implementing sustainable design and construction including energy statements in planning applications.