Sustainability and climate change

3. Our environmental policy

Our environmental policy provides a framework for action and for the setting of environmental objectives and targets.

  • Prevent environmental pollution arising from its own operations by meeting the requirements of all relevant environmental legislation and use its powers to minimise the impact of others within the borough
  • Minimise the volume of waste generated both by the council and within the borough
  • Safeguard and enhance natural habitats and species and preserve the nature and character of the borough
  • Promote environmental awareness to local schools, businesses and communities
  • Support environmental initiatives that improve health and well being
  • Balance the need to enhance the built environment with measures that reduce the environmental impact of development
  • Encourage the reduced consumption of natural resources and energy
  • Operate a Purchasing Policy that avoids the use of environmentally damaging products, packaging and services; encourages the reuse and use of recycled materials; and promotes the purchase of items that can have a positive effect on the Environment; e.g. FSC timber, fresh food sourced from local growers and producers demonstrating reasonable steps to promote biodiversity and limit environmental damage
  • Provide information and support to both the public and staff to encourage interest in environmental matters
  • Comply with environmental legislation while ensuring that our contractors do likewise
  • Review the environmental policy every three years and annually assess the effectiveness of our environmental management system to reflect the current objectives and targets of the Council
  • Commit appropriate levels of staff and financial resources to deliver the aims of the environmental policy
  • Develop strategic partnerships with local, regional and national organisations to improve the management of environmental issues
  • Reduce the impact of its activities on global environmental issues such as climate change, ozone destruction, resource depletion, loss of habitat and biodiversity