Sustainability and climate change

8. Green Infrastructure Enhancement Strategy

Green Infrastructure (GI) is a network of natural and semi natural features, green spaces, rivers and lakes. It's an asset to be utilised, protected and enhanced. It can:

  • provide opportunities for environmental education
  • support biodiversity with access to nature for people
  • act as a catalyst to economic growth

In October 2013 we announced that we were looking for an independent consultant to produce a viable GI strategy for the town centre (the study area). This could be used as a tool in decision making, by outlining the benefits of GI and identifying opportunities and associated benefits for specific locations in the town centre.

Research undertaken for the study showed that throughout the study area there was a lack of green infrastructure provision and there were notable gaps in the Central Business District (CBD) and Retail Quarter.

To fill the identified gaps and enhance the town centre, urban GI thematic and project interventions have been identified. The thematic interventions (non geographic) accumulate though time and their impact will be large. The project interventions are geographically specific and tied to the regeneration of the study area.

For more information, read our Green Infrastructure Enhancement Strategy (PDF 8mb).