Supporting documents

1. Enhanced DBS certificate

New drivers

All new taxi drivers must have an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate dated within the last 28 days.

Your Enhanced DBS certificate must include the following details:

  • other work force: Taxi Driver
  • name of employer: Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

Our partner, Personnel Checks, will work with you to ensure that you have the required documentation needed to complete your DBS application.

Your documents will need checking. You can do this by visiting the Crown Post Office. You'll be charged for this service. Once your documents have been checked, your documents will need to be sent to Personnel Checks.

Apply for an enhanced DBS certificate

Note: the DBS fee is not included in the cost of the licence and is payable to Personnel Checks along with an administration charge. Payment can be made by card. Call 01254 355665

If you've any convictions listed on your DBS certificate your application will be reviewed by the Licensing, Environment and Safety Committee.

Existing drivers

Once you become a licensed driver it's your responsibility to make sure that a new enhanced DBS certificate is submitted every 3 years. Your DBS renewal date is shown on the reverse of your driver badge.

Your Enhanced DBS certificate must include the following details:
• Other Work Force: Taxi Driver
• Name of Employer: Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

If you subscribe to the DBS update service, you'll only need to submit a new certificate if there are any changes reported by the DBS. You must provide us with your update service details so that we can carry out the necessary checks throughout the duration of your licence and at renewal.

If your DBS is due in the next 6 weeks and you're not subscribed to the DBS update service you must contact Personnel Checks to renew it. Call 01254 355665 or visit their offices in Blackburn in person.

Make sure you're aware of all of your key dates. If you do not submit the required documentation in time your licence will be suspended.