Support and training

1. Support for you

Fostering is ever more seen as a professional career choice. Our foster carers receive regular training opportunities, as well as on-going support throughout their fostering journey. Foster carers go through a period of preparation and assessment to help them to develop the skills required to look after other people’s children.

Practical support

All foster carers receive a fostering guidance handbook. You will also have access to practical and emotional support from the Fostering Outreach Service. You will be provided with any necessary equipment for the child, including

  • a bed
  • bedding
  • a car seat

Professional support

Throughout your fostering journey, you will be supported by a range of professionals including:

  • your own family placement officer who will visit you on a regular basis
  • a designated social worker for the child who will see them regularly. They will keep foster carers informed of events and will be responsible for organising contact between the child and the birth family
  • multi-agency professionals including the psychology service, the education support service and the welfare rights service
  • insurance for all foster carers

Support from foster carers

You will join a fostering community which includes:

  • monthly carer support groups which provide the chance to share best practice
  • membership to the Fostering Network and the Stockport Foster Carers Association
  • access to social activities arranged by the Stockport Foster Care Association – a group run by local foster carers that provides support and advice for all foster carers
  • a quarterly newsletter to share information amongst carers
  • regular social events for foster carers and their families throughout the year

You can find more information about the steps to become a foster carer on our fostering journey webpage.

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