Summer-born children

If your child was born between 1 April and 31 August, you can ask us to delay their reception start date until the September after their fifth birthday.

For Stockport Council schools, the decision is made by us. If the school is an academy or has Voluntary Aided status, they will make the decision on the request but you should still apply to us.

A summer-born children request is different to a deferred admission which allows you to delay starting until the first term after their fifth birthday.

Before you apply

Before making a summer-born children request, you must apply for a reception place for the child’s chronological year group.

Children develop at varying speeds and moving your child’s starting date may not be beneficial. We encourage you to speak to any professionals involved with your child's care such as:

  • current childcare provider
  • medical professionals

Their opinion may be useful in helping you decide whether to make a summer-born children request.

You’re encouraged to visit your preferred school to find out about their provisions for reception-age children and to speak to the headteacher. The school may be able to meet the child’s needs without admitting them outside of the normal admissions timetable.

After you've applied

If we accept the request, it does not mean the child has been granted a place. It is an agreement that we’ll consider the application for a school place outside of the normal admissions timetable. If we delay the reception start date, your child may not be able to stay in their current nursery while they’re waiting to start school.

If the request is granted but your application for a reception place is denied, your child may not be given a summer-born reception place at another school. This is also true if the child moves to another school during the school year.

We can only accept requests for schools in Stockport. If the school is in another area, apply to the relevant local authority.

How to apply

Email us at to make a summer born children request.