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Subscription services

1. Email alert service

As part of our efforts to improve the way council information is delivered to you we offer an email alert service to keep you updated on a wide range of council services that you are interested in.

The email alert service we use is called GovDelivery and is used across central and local government which allows you easy access to other information direct to your inbox from services such as the Met office, Highway Agency and other local councils.

Some of our service areas also provide a 'sign up to emails' function within the specific system that they use, for example the library system or our democracy website, these are very specific to that service.

All you need to subscribe to our email alert service is an email address and then choose a topic or topics that you are interested in hearing from us about. Visit our sign up page for more information.

If any any time you want to unsubscribe from this service then you can sign back into your account and do this from there or at the bottom of each email that you receive from us there is an unsubscribe option for you to click on.

The only information we store within our email alert service is your email address for the purpose of sending you updates on information that you have subscribed to. For more information about how we manage personal data please visit our privacy notice page

If you have any questions regarding the email alert service please email