Our Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) helps us to understand the capacity of the borough’s existing urban areas to accommodate new housing development.

The main role of an SHLAA is to:

  • identify sites with potential to provide new homes
  • assess the number of new homes that might be built
  • estimate when they are likely to be built

You can find the Stockport SHLAA methodology and findings report for 2021 on the SHLAA document page.

SHLAA sites and data

The location of sites can be viewed through our online map. You can also download the data in .CSV and GIS formats at data.gov.uk.

We provide the data in 2 categories:

  • sites assessed as 'developable' in the SHLAA 2021
  • sites with planning permission for housing as of 31st March 2021

If a site is included in the assessment it does not mean it will be successful in getting planning permission for housing or allocated as a housing site.