Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

1. Overview

Our 2018 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) has been prepared with a base date of 1 April 2018 using information available during the study period (Autumn 2018). It forms the basis for understanding the capacity of the borough’s existing urban areas to accommodate new housing development.

The inclusion of any site in the assessment does not indicate that it will necessarily be allocated or successfully obtain permission for housing. Conversely, the non-inclusion of a site in the study does not necessarily prevent future residential development. Any planning applications will continue to be treated on their individual merits, having regard to the appropriate policies of the Development Plan, and other material planning considerations.

The report and all appendices are available as a single document to download (large file size), or split into 3 documents.

Information on each site is summarised in Appendix 5.

Sites can also be viewed through our online mapping service.

Annual position statement

The National Planning Policy Framework 2018 (NPPF) requires Local Authorities to prepare an annual position statement. It should set out the 5 year housing land supply position with a base date of 1 April.

We currently have 2.8 years’ of housing land supply, which is less than the minimum 5 year requirement set out in the NPPF. This figure is assessed against the most up-to-date local housing need assessment and based on the recent government consultation, with a 20% buffer applied.