Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

1. Overview

We're required to carry out a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) by national planning policy, as set down in National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

The primary role of the assessment is to:

  • identify specific sites with potential for housing
  • assess their housing potential (in terms of number of dwellings) and
  • assess when they are likely to be developed

The base date for the SHLAA is 1 April 2008 and it seeks to identify sites that are suitable for housing development. It is likely to be completed during the 15 year period up to 31st March 2023.

The assessment is an essential part of the evidence base for the Stockport Local Development Framework. It will inform both the Core Strategy and the Allocations Development Plan Documents.

This is relevant for potential housing sites which fall outside the two main spatial priority areas for housing set out in Policy CS4 of the Core Strategy. It's also relevant for when we are in a position of housing under-supply (see also Policy H2 of the Core Strategy).

Sites for housing should score a minimum of 34 and sites for flats a minimum of 45. Although other relevant policies will apply, e.g. Green Belt, Open Space, Employment Land.


The identification of housing potential from sites and buildings within this assessment doesn't imply that we would necessarily allocate or grant planning permission for their residential development.

Similarly, it does not preclude sites being developed for other suitable uses. Nor does it preclude the possibility of residential development being granted on sites that have not been included.

Any planning applications will continue to be treated on their own merits and determined in accordance with the adopted development plan and any other material considerations.