No cold calling zones

No cold calling zones are areas in which doorstep callers from businesses are not welcome at resident's homes.

These zones have been set up following the collection of data relating to doorstep crime in Stockport.

If you're a business who canvass for trade on the doorstep in Stockport you are asked to respect our no cold calling zones. Do not visit the addresses listed below.


Batch 1

South Reddish

Hilda Grove, Pearson Street, Norway Grove, Broughton Road, Clarendon Street, Jersey Road, Manvers Street, Jowett Street, Rose Street, Bury Street, Melton Street, Sandy Lane, Clare Road and Reddish Road South

Bramhall 1

Canberra Road, Belmont Road, Perth Close and Brisbane Close

Batch 2

Woodley 1

Ash Court and Oak Court on Hyde Road

Woodley 2

Hipley Close, Sycamore Road, Oldham Drive, Bankfield Road, Grimshaw Close and Coppage Drive


Kilburn Road, Ingleton Road, Eldon Road, Onslow Road, Northgate Road, Avondale Road and Cambrian Road

Cheadle 1

Sycamore Walk, Oaktree Court and Brooklyn Place

Bramhall 2

Cromwell Road, Fairway, Fords Lane, Greenway, Kitts Moss Lane, Roundway and Victoria Way

Batch 3

Offerton 1

Oakland Avenue, Swanage Avenue, Worthing Close, Hazel Drive, Offerton Drive, Tragan Drive and Tragan Close

Offerton 2

Alfreton Road, Stainmoor Court, Winnington Green, Birkworth Court, Lunedale Green, Half Moon Lane, Orms Gill Place, Crosswaite Road, Stansbury Place, Errington Close, Ridding Close, Malham Court, Otterburn Place, Tanhill Close and Hardberry Place

Batch 4

Heaton Norris 1

Belmont Street, Ellen Street, Hexham Court (off Ellen Street), Denbigh Street, Churchill Street, Belmont Way, Grafton Street, Meal Street, All Saints Road, Lloyd Street, Bardsley Street, Samuel Street, Farmer Street, Basil Street, Clement Street

Heaton Moor 1

Ashburn Road, Yealand Ave, Gail Ave, Hilary Close, Heaton Road, Sparth Lane (excluding Rena Court, Sparth Court, Fairlawn and Sparth House), Fairlawn, Rena Close

Woodley 3

Bowland Road, Sherwood Road, Savernake Road, Needwood Road, Charwood Road, Delamere Close, Ashdown Ave, Westfield Drive

Woodley 4

High Lane, Hollybank Court (flats), Ennerdale Road, Eskdale Ave, Kendal Gardens, Langdale Road, Grizedale Road, Patterdale Road, Smithy Green

Cheadle 2

Tarvin Road, Malpas Close, Tatton Close, Sandbach Walk, Lymm Walk, Mottram Close, Peover, Astbury Walk, Hoole Close

Cheadle 3

Adshall Road, Abbey Road, Minster Drive

If you’re not in a formal Zone but would like a window sticker, email