Visit Stockport Market

4. Shoppers' Charter

We hope that you'll find the stall holders courteous and helpful. We also hope that the wide choice and variety of goods and services on offer represent good value.

It's our intention that you'll not have any problems with your purchases. However, if you have any problems, the law entitles you to certain protection when shopping in Stockport Market.

  • goods sold as new must not be faulty and must work well
  • goods must be safe and fit for the purpose for which they were purchased
  • goods must be as described either verbally or on the label or packaging or otherwise
  • services must be as described and carried out in a proper manner. The provider must use reasonable skill and care and carry it out within a reasonable time at a reasonable price

However, you're not legally entitled to compensation or redress if:

  • you've simply changed your mind over the colour, style, size etc of the article. Or you've seen a cheaper product elsewhere or have no further use for the goods
  • the goods contained defects which you were told about at the time of purchase or described by a notice
  • the goods have been mistreated or used for a purpose for which they were not intended

Follow these procedures if you're not satisfied with the goods or services you've received at Stockport Market:

  • approach the stall holder concerned, taking with you any receipts and explain the problem quietly and calmly. In most instances the problem is usually resolved at this stage
  • if you cannot remember the stall location or reach an agreement with the stall holder please contact the market office. You can email or call 0161 474 2500

If you do not wish to follow this advice, you may of course seek your own independent professional advice.