One Stockport Local Fund 2018 to 2021

The One Stockport Local Fund addresses the critical challenges facing our communities and invests in making a real difference to people living and working in Stockport.

Since it’s launch in 2018 it has received over 700 applications and 3.5 million pounds worth of ideas to make Stockport even better.

We've run 5 Rounds of funding plus 2 smaller schemes for coronavirus (COVID-19). We have funded over 200 projects and invested over £800,000 in community activities.

Funding rounds

Round Applications Amount awarded (£) Number of groups funded
1 186 132,000 24
2 94 110,913 19
3 122 150,511 29
4 111 88,858 28
5 86 271,788 42
6 86 49,635 57
7 49 22,728 26

You can find out the details of the funding each group received by visiting the 360Giving website.

What's next?

Collaboration is an important part of community wealth building, we will work to promote the One Stockport ethos to form strong relationships across the sectors.

To promote social cohesion and improve connections by empowering people to volunteer in their communities.

To continue to grow, evolve, listen to our sector and communities to provide a funding programme that works for them.

The next round will be in Autumn 2021, we're looking forward to working with our communities and seeing what ideas they have next.