Stockport Credit Union

Stockport Credit Union is a social enterprise financial co-operative that provides affordable financial services to people who live or work in Stockport. They offer Loans from £50 and keep interest rates as low as possible, offering a much cheaper alternative to high interest and illegal money lenders.

The Credit Union is a not-for-profit organisation. Any surplus is given back to members in the form of a dividend, or reinvested in the organisation to improve our service provision. Joining the Credit Union is a great way for local people and organisations to:

  • increase the supply of affordable credit in the community
  • help our community become more financially independent and stable


Loan products include Child Benefit Loans and a starter Loan. You do not need to have savings to apply for a Loan. Stockport Credit Union will help you start your savings journey. You can visit the Stockport Credit Union website for more information.

Becoming a member

Membership is free and includes:

  • loans from £50
  • a member area to check balance and carry out transactions
  • access to the Nivo mobile banking app
  • a savings plan with every loan
  • a dividend payment for eligible savers

You can find more information on the Stockport Credit Union website.