Stockport Credit Union

Stockport Credit Union is a financial co-operative that provides Loans and Savings to people who live or work in Stockport.

The key aims of the Stockport Credit Union are to provide:

  • secure savings
  • affordable loans
  • to help people manage their finances

A credit union is a very simple idea. At different times of our lives we may all have some money to save or we may need to borrow. Stockport Credit Union helps with both, keeping money in our local community.


Convenient and secure, protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Share Account, Xmas Saver and Junior Saver accounts are available.

Share Accounts and Junior Accounts can be accessed throughout the year. The Xmas Saver account is 'locked' from 1 January to 1 November. Money can be withdrawn during November and December.

Stockport Credit Union is a co-operative. All members are eligible for a share in any dividend paid at the end of the year.

Loans for new members

Stockport Credit Union would ask you to join and to save while you are repaying your loan.

Payroll loans

For people in salaried employment with certain local employers. Your monthly loan repayments are deducted from your salary and you can borrow up to £5,000 depending on your circumstances.

Child Benefit loans

If you are in receipt of Child Benefit you can apply for a Child Benefit Loan up to £500.

White Goods loans

Loans up to £300 for your cooker, washing machine, freezer, laptop.

Loans for existing members

Existing members can apply for any of the above loans, and also for:

Saver loan

Apply for a Saver Loan after 3 months of regular saving. This can be up to 3 times the amount you have saved.

If you're interested in savings or loans from Stockport Credit Union call 0161 430 5808 or for more information.