Request an enforcement referral

You can use this form to make an enforcement referral.

The child must have had 10 or more sessions of unauthorised absence in a 3 month period.

Where the child is at Team Around the Child (TAC) level 2 or 3, or subject to a child protection plan, it is expected that this referral will have been discussed with the lead professional or social worker.

For unauthorised term time holiday or leave of absence of 10 or more consecutive sessions please request an Education Penalty Notice.

To use this form, you must

  • be a member of staff in a Stockport school
  • be authorised to access pupil records and information about the child
  • send us one referral per child

Before you start

You’ll need to tell us

  • details of the unauthorised absence
  • your details
  • details of the child
  • the child’s Unique Pupil Number (UPN)
  • where the child lives
  • who the child lives with – this is usually the child’s parent
  • details of the child’s lead professional or social worker (if applicable)

You’ll need to upload evidence, including

  • either the registration certificate report for Primary schools or the lesson monitor for Secondary schools
  • any letters sent to parents about the absences for example a Pre-Referral Letter 1 – Initial attendance contact letter and a Pre-Referral Letter 2 – Medical evidence required/legal duties
  • any other relevant documentation
Start now

How we use your data

We primarily use your data for processing the referral. This may be shared within Stockport Family and other government departments in accordance with our organisational privacy notice. We never sell your data to third parties or use it to market to you without your consent.