Submitting your online form

If you cannot submit your online form request please email with details of your enquiry and your contact details.

Request an appointment for specialist debt advice

Face to face appointments

Until further notice we are not offering face to face appointments. We'll get in touch with you to arrange a telephone appointment.

You can use this form to request an appointment with a specialist debt advisor.

You can fill this form out for yourself or for someone else.

You can request an appointment if you:

  • live in Stockport or work for Stockport Council
  • have multiple debts, credit debts, fuel arrears, rent or Council Tax arrears
  • have received a warrant of eviction for rent or mortgage arrears
  • would like advice about insolvency options including bankruptcy and debt relief orders

Before you start

If you're filling this form out for yourself you'll need:

  • your contact details
  • your support or key worker details (if you have one)
  • details of your eviction (if this applies to you)
  • details of your court hearing (if you have one)
  • details of your debt
  • your employment status
  • your benefits (if this applies to you)
  • your housing status
  • the days and times you're unavailable for an appointment

If you're filling this form out for someone else you'll need:

  • their contact details
  • your contact details
  • their support or key worker details (if they have one)
  • details of their eviction (if this applies to them)
  • details of their court hearing (if they have one)
  • details of their debt
  • their employment status
  • their benefits (if this applies to them)
  • their housing status
  • the days and times they're unavailable for an appointment

You should try to bring someone with you to the appointment who can translate in English. If you cannot bring someone with you, we may be able to provide an interpreter. We’ll be in touch to discuss this with you if we can offer you an appointment.

If you tell us your email address, we'll send detailed information about your appointment, your circumstances and the advice we have given you.

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How we use your data

The council primarily use your data for assisting with your case. With your consent this may be shared with the Department of Work and Pensions, Citizens Advice Bureau, Housing Associations, Creditors, GP Surgeries and other government departments and local agencies in accordance with our organisational privacy notice. We never sell your data to third parties or use it to market to you without your consent.