Request a payment plan

You can use this form to request a payment plan to spread your Council Tax payments across the year

Before you start

You'll need your:

  • Council Tax reference number. You can find this on your Council Tax bill. It's 10 characters long and starts with '50'
  • bank or building society account details if you'd like to set up a Direct Debit for your payment plan

We do not accept third party Direct Debit details. If you're not named as the liable person for the Council Tax account, we cannot accept payment by Direct Debit. You'll need to use an alternative method, e.g. standing order.

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How we use your data

The council primarily use your data for processing your request and setting up your Direct Debit. This may be shared with the local authorities, the DWP, and other government departments in accordance with our organisational privacy notice. We never sell your data to third parties or use it to market to you without your consent.