Report a missed bin collection

Before you report a missed bin collection check the list below to see if it's already been reported to us. If it has been reported we'll tell you when your bin will be collected below.

Missed streets

Friday 16 April


We were unable to empty the blue bins on the following streets:

  • Bampton Close
  • Banks Lane
  • Bean Leach Avenue
  • Bean Leach Drive
  • Bean Leach Road (from Marple Road to Shearwater Road)
  • Beauvale Avenue
  • Blake Drive
  • Braeside Close
  • Brendall Close
  • Broadway
  • Brookside Avenue
  • Brookthorn Close
  • Burns Crescent
  • Cheriton Rise
  • Chorlton Grove
  • Crawley Grove
  • Dialstone Lane (from Hempshaw Lane to Hillcrest Road)
  • Dorking Close
  • Dorland Grove
  • Filey Road
  • Foggbrook Close
  • Fulmar Drive
  • Guildford Close
  • Harold Street
  • Hastings Close
  • Hempshaw Lane (from Maitland Street to Banks Lane – both sides)
  • Highlands Drive
  • Highlands Road
  • Hillcrest Road
  • Hornsea Road
  • Hulme Street
  • Hurstwood Grove
  • Ingle Drive
  • Kipling Close
  • Knypersley Avenue
  • Larkswood Drive
  • Lindbury Avenue
  • Lowerfield Drive
  • Lowndes Close
  • Lowndes Lane
  • Maplin Drive
  • Marple Old Road
  • Marple Road (from Old Hall Drive to Offerton Road)
  • Marsland Terrace
  • Martham Drive
  • Mellor Court
  • Milliner Court
  • Moreton Lane
  • Moreton Walk
  • Nursery Close
  • Offerton Green
  • Old Croft Mews
  • Old Farm Drive
  • Parndon Drive
  • Poise Brook Drive
  • Poise Brook Road
  • Prestwich Close
  • Shady Oak Road
  • Sylvester Avenue
  • Tarnside Close
  • Teal Close
  • Thaxted Drive
  • Thirlemere Road
  • Torbay Drive
  • Turnstone Road
  • Villdale Avenue
  • Wenlock Close
  • Whalley Road
  • Worsley Crescent

We'll return to empty them on Saturday 17 April. Please leave your bins out by 7am.

You must wait until after 6pm on your collection day before you report a missed bin collection. You can report a missed bin collection up to 3 days after your collection day.

Why your bin may have not been collected

  • it was not out before 7am on your collection day
  • it contains something that should not be in it - for more information you can read our what you can put in your bins web page
  • it contains heavy items such as rubble and cannot be lifted by the bin lorry
  • we cannot get access because of roadworks or parked cars
  • weather conditions, such as snow
  • the bin lorry has broken down
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How we use your data

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