Report a fault with a lit sign or a lit bollard

Dangerous lit sign and bollard faults

Some lit sign and bollard faults are hazardous and dangerous to the public, these include:

  • exposed cables, sign face missing
  • damaged, knocked down, or unstable lit bollards and lit signs
  • missing or loose doors and covers on lit signs

Please ring 0161 217 6111 to report the fault. You must give as much information as possible on the location of the fault so that we can fix the problem quickly. Do not cover up or touch the wiring.

We aim to fix reported lit sign and lit bollard faults within 14 days.

Some repairs may take longer due to electrical supply issues or if we need planned traffic management to help us carry out the work safely.

Lit signs and lit bollards are only lit when it's dark. You must only report a fault if you've seen it during the dark.

Track a lit sign or lit bollard fault report

You can keep up to date with the status of reported faults you've subscribed to in My Account.

If you've not got My Account and you'd like to track the progress of your report you'll need to keep a record of your report number.

Before you start

You'll need:

  • the location of the lit sign or bollard
  • what type of fault it is
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