Order a new bin if it's lost, stolen or damaged

You can use this form to order a repair or new bin if your bin is lost, stolen or damaged. There's a charge of £15 for a new bin.

  • if your bin is lost, check with your neighbours to see if they've taken it by mistake; if your bin is still missing, wait for a few days for it to appear before ordering a new one
  • if you've moved house and you do not have bins you must check with the previous owners or your landlord: if you've moved into a new build home and you do not have bins, you must contact the developer
  • if you've moved into a new build house and you need a bin, or a full set of bins you can call us on 0161 217 6111
  • if your bin is damaged you can order a repair or replacement; there's a charge of £15

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Note: you cannot change or cancel your order.

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